Welcome to Binger's Bricks

Welcome to the Bingersville. Let's dive into a hobby that is fun to build and collect. Together we can help one another out to create an inclusive atmosphere for not just the AFOL's, but for our younger audience as well.

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About Me

I first got into collecting Lego as a kid, but unfortunately most of my sets were sold at a garage sale in 2003ish. I started collecting Lego again about 1 year ago and haven't looked back since. My two older boys love to build and play in the Lego City. Together we have created an environment where we can bond and be creative. Follow along with our youtube videos to see our progress.

My City

Our City is called Bingersville and has grown tremendously in the past year. Unlike other people we don't have a dedicated bedroom for our City, but we do have a nice size walk in closet. Currently we have all Modulars in the Modular line except Market Street, Town Hall, Grand Emporium, Green Grocer and Cafe Corner. Our goal for the city to create a magical city, but also save money in the process. Check out Products I recommend, which have helped us stay organized and also saved us money.

Products I Recommend

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